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Thai Noodles In Gravy Recipe

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Noodles in Gravy

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Thai Noodles In Gravy
If you are looking out for a simple recipe to make Thai noodles in gravy for your family today? Don't know how to make it? Check out this video that shares a step-wise Thai noodles in gravy recipe. The video is a must watch for all the Thai food lovers. Take a look and give it a try..

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Radna is a very nice comfort food dish. If you aren't feeling well it is the perfect meal....................I know for me such was the case after a bout with issues in Bangkok. Radna actually is a Chinese dish made with brown sauce no spices and no chiles, very bland with rice noodles and perfect sometimes. I love the one at the MBK bldg at Siam Square.
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Oh that yellow bottle that they say is fermented soy sauce is actually yellow bean sauce. You can use almost any vegetables as you like and add some ginger if you like as it is good for your stomach.
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Awesome video...
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that is Thailand, the land of smiles, our favourie plce-been there 30 times as well as 69 other countries - some once some 30+ times. Love to travel learning of cultures and uisines-where next?
Thai Noodles In Gravy Recipe Video, Thai Noodles In Gravy