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How To Make Chicken`S Crumble

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This has got to be one of the simplest recipes Jack has shown on the lazy man's series.
Here is the recipe:

**Preheat oven to 400F**

* 4 frozen boneless and skinless chicken breasts (If your chicken is thawed, cooking time and temperature will be different. See below
* 1 box/bag of seasoned croutons (choose a flavor! Garlic, ranch, italian... find these in the condiment aisle)
* 1.5 cups of mayonnaise
* salt-free seasoning blend. (I use "Mrs. Dash Table Blend". It's awesome.)
* shaker of thyme (plus a fresh thyme sprig if you'd like a pretty garnish)
* butter OR olive oil OR other cooking oil (I use olive oil)
* Aluminum foil, oven-safe skillet, or square glass baking dish

First, toss about 3 cups of croutons into a zip-loc baggy. Squeeze out the excess air and zip up the bag. Using a rolling pin, food can, or drinking glass, crush the croutons inside the bag until they become fine crumbs. If you feel like it won't be enough to cover the tops of your 4 chicken breasts, just toss some more croutons in the bag and do it again until you have plenty.

Next, put your mayonnaise into a small bowl and season it generously with the Mrs. Dash Table Blend or some other salt-free seasoning blend. Adding the thyme is optional, but I highly recommend it. DO NOT ADD SALT. The croutons add plenty of salt by themselves. Stir it up and presto... now you have gourmet, seasoned mayonnaise.

Now you need to grease the bottom of your baking dish (or makeshift foil dish) so the chicken won't stick or burn. Two options: (1) Scatter little squares of salted butter around on the surface, about 2 inches apart from each other, (2) Drizzle a bit of olive, canola, or other cooking oil in the bottom of the dish. (Olive oil is definitely your healthiest option, but the butter is tastier.)

Place your chicken breasts right next to each other, on top of the butter/oil. Using a spoon or rubber spatula, spread a layer of the mayonnaise mixure across the top of each chicken breast. You decide how thick you want the layer to be. I like to spread it the way I would peanut butter on bread.

Grab handfuls of the crouton-crumbs and sprinkle generous amounts over the mayonnaise, patting it down until each breast has a nice thick layer of crouton breading on top. Remember: the croutons are what give your chicken its flavor and seasoning and these will only be added to one side of the meat, so make the crouton layer nice and thick so each bite is delicious and well-seasoned.

Now, just put your chicken in the oven (400F) and bake it!
Frozen: Bake 400 degrees at about 90 minutes.
Defrosted: Bake 350 between 20-30 minutes.

Cooking times depend on the thickness of your chicken breasts. Always check as you go to see if it's cooked. Also, cover with foil when the crust reaches it's perfect color. you don't want it to burn.

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Lazy Man's Chicken Crumble
Lazy man`s episode became quite famous for its signature dishes, now learn some technique of making chicken crumble. Jack shares some wonderful tips on how to make chicken crumble, which turns out to be too yummy.

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How To Make Chicken`S Crumble, Lazy Man's Chicken Crumble