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Create Valentines Day Delights For Your Sweetie With Kirstie Allsopp

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Most of us would be happy to receive flowers or chocolates from our love on Valentine's Day, but there's nothing better than being given something homemade and from the heart.

Well, one woman who knows all about how special homemade things can be is Kirstie Allsopp, who loves treating her husband to scrumptious desserts and puddings. And with Valentine's Day coming up she has created the perfect romantic treat to put a smile on your valentine's face as well!

Putting a sweet spin on the classic British biscuit, Kirsty teaches us how to whip up delicious heart shape millionaire shortbread biscuits using Carnation caramel filling. And the good news is they take next to no time to prepare, leaving plenty of time for holding hands and snuggling up on the big day!

In the following video, she shows you just how simple it is to make these millionaire caramel shortbread biscuits. So grab your apron and mixing bowl and get set to make February the 14th one to remember for your sweetheart!

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Create Valentine's Day Delights For Your Sweetie With Kirstie Allsopp
To make valentine's day more special and out of world, you can create some sweet dishes and delicious stuffs, which will highlight your love for your beloved. Here shown are some of the great tasting savories to suit everybody`s taste.

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