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How to Make Italian Style Chicken

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Come to My House, a new cooking experience, invites you to celebrate the diversity of America’s kitchens: Jewish brisket, Italian cutlets, Polish pirogies, Gullah shrimp….. Thai, Indian, Jamaican, the multiplicity of tastes and delights that fill our senses.
This is the first cooking show to enter the homes of real people, the homes of our neighbors to learn the secrets passed down for generations.

A cooking show about real people for real people using foods from their own gardens or from the local farmer’s market. For the first time, people of ethnic diversity will see themselves represented on television in their own kitchens, gardens and neighborhood markets. Visit our site at

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How to make Italian style Chicken
Come to my House host Tony Morinelli is visiting a new house and new chicken to learn the recipe of Italian chicken. Let’s us this recipe with Tony.

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How To Make Italian Style Chicken Video, How To Make Italian Style Chicken