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How To Use Sweet Whey Powder for Daily Cooking

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If you are wondering how to use sweet whey powder for daily cooking, hope this article helps you with some easy tips. Whey protein powder is a milk derivative. It contains all the essential amino acids required by the body. Whey powder is available in the market in natural as well as flavored versions like berry, vanilla, caramel and chocolate. One helping of whey powder can provide about 15g to 25g of protein per serving on an average. Bakery products, protein shakes, smoothies etc use sweet whey powder. Use sweet whey powder to add to the protein content of the food. In addition using sweet whey powder brings about increase in volume, browning, crust formation, emulsification etc while baking and cooking.


Using Sweet Whey Powder in Daily Recipes


Whey powder can be used to substitute milk, flour and even eggs in recipes.


  1. Add sweet whey powder along with fat and sugar while making cake batter or cookie dough.

  2. 15 % of flour can be replaced with sweet whey powder in cake mixes to get a standard cake of the same volume.

  3. Use sweet whey powder to give structure to your dough and batter. Almost 50% of the eggs and egg whites used in cake recipes can be replaced with whey powder.

  4. Sweet whey powder can be used in the ratio of 1%-5% per total volume of added ingredients in recipes of white bread, pizza dough and cookies.


Using Sweet Whey Powder in Low-carb Recipes


Whey powder can replace flour, sugar or eggs completely in low carb recipes.


  1. Eliminate the need to add sugar in a recipe by using sweet whey powder. Try choosing flavored sweet whey powder.

  2. Use sweet whey powder to reduce carbohydrates by replacing part or whole of the flour in baked recipes.

  3. Thicken the custards and puddings by adding sweet whey powder to them prior to cooking.

  4. Low-carb diet crusts can be made by mixing ¼ cup of sweet whey powder to 11/2 cup of nuts processed into flour.


Some amount of care should be taken while you use sweet whey powder in daily recipes. Whey powder can alter the texture of the food. Nevertheless, it is a healthy alternative that can be added safely to your daily recipes.



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How To Use Sweet Whey Powder For Daily Cooking