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Make Some Chicken Curry

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How To Make Curry To Go With Your Beer
This is an adaptation of the famous yellow chicken curry from India. The flavors and aromas are delightful to the senses! It is best served with rice or fresh Naan bread but I find it a great accompaniment to beer. Cheers!

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What type (country) of curry is this? Shanti/Mary-Anne
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The curry you made is quite interesting, a cross of cultures I think. Indian curries often are a combination of roasted, then ground and fried spices that are combined with ingredients usually including a souring agent. Thai curries and also South Indian curries as well as those of Malaysia include coconut milk. I love almost all curries as long as they have complex developed balanced flavours-meat-seafood-fowl-vegetable-and combinations of course. One of my favourites is a South Indian Curry of Breadfruit or Jackfruit. cShanti/Mary-Anne
Make Some Chicken Curry Video, How To Make Curry To Go With Your Beer