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How To Cook With Chickpea Flour

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People allergic to wheat products and in need of a gluten free diet can certainly hope to benefit by learning to cook with chickpea flour. It is a light yellow colored flour made by grinding chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Many Middle Eastern delicacies are prepared by cooking with chickpea flour while some countries lying to the South of Europe also cook with chickpea flour. It has a slightly nut like flavor and can be used for thickening of sauces. A mixture of sorghum powder together with the chickpea flour is enough to bake gluten free delicacies too. Cooking with chickpea flour is particularly recommended by health experts on account of its high nutritive value. You can derive the benefits of protein, iron and fiber together when you cook with chickpea flour.


Cooking with chickpea flour is an easy way of churning gluten free dishes or exotic recipes. Some of the popular dishes made from chickpea flour are:-


  • Falafel - Considered to be one of the most popular dishes that you can cook with chickpea flour, it can be described as the original vegetable burger.

  • Hummus - This Arabic delight can be whipped up within a few minutes if you happen to cook with chickpea flour instead of mashing whole chickpeas.

  • Chickpea Stew Dumpling - The nutritious dumpling and stew is buttery in texture and salty to taste. It is one of the most loved side dishes of South Europe which can be prepared within no time at all by cooking with chickpea flour.

  • Calentita - You cannot hope to cook with chickpea flour and bypass this mouthwatering dish from Gibraltar. Made with chickpea flour, olive oil and water, the only seasoning allowed for the Calentita is salt and black pepper.

  • Farinata - The chickpea flatbread from Italy is a delicious concoction of olive oil and gram flour which is lightly spiced by herbs. You can be assured of trying out a similar dish if you decide to cook with chickpea flour and settle for Socca, the dish from France.

  • Chilla - This is again a pancake which you can cook with chickpea flour. It is a traditional Indian dish and is much spicier than its European counterpart.

  • Pakodas - Vegetable fritters immersed in gram flour and deep fried are crispy delicacies much loved in India and you can get to cook with chickpea flour and an assortment of vegetables.

  • Chickpea Flour Curry - This nutritious curry imbibes the nutritional value of chickpeas and imparts it with a unique tangy and spicy flavor that reminds us of the traditional Indian curries. It is best served hot with Naan or the Afghani flatbread instead of the Indian staple, rice.


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How To Cook With Chickpea Flour