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Chicken Curry

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Chicken Curry & Veg..

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Chicken Curry
Chicken curry and vegetables is an interesting recipe by Colinberry in the South Asian style. The ingredients and method both are different from the other South Asian chicken curry recipes. Let’s find out how.

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Wow violent hacking of that bird Chinese-style. LOL I just de-section the bird much less effort and no bone slivers. I like to remove the rib bones so that one doesn't get those pesky little shards in one's mouth when eating, but I also usually skin the bird to remove the fat. I am surprised you don't fry the Thai curry paste to develope the flavours. Interesting using tomatoes in the Penang curry. Love curries!!! Yes that curry will be quite hot! Normally for that tub of Penang curry paste the ratio is 50 g curry paste to 400 g coconut milk, with 200 g meat. I am guessing you have a lot more meat maybe like 1000g or more. Best not to cover as covering makes the oil separate, although that makes it easier to remove excess oil by skimming off the top. Love potatoes with chicken in curry! Yummy! The stirfy veggies look awesome too. The meal almost seems Malaysian a Thai-Indian fusion going on. Great video but way too long-6 minutes is a good length, this video is 29 minutes long! Maybe hacking the chicken could be omitted and just key scenes and instructions would work, or break it down to 3 videos-hacking chicken and marinading, then veggies in a separate video, and the making of the curry in one video. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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