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How To Use Vinegar While Cooking Fish

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Vinegar is a key ingredient in fish preparations. Read on to find out how and why.


Vinegar is one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen. It can improve the flavor of the food, and can be used in preserving certain items or it can also be used instead of certain ingredients. Vinegar has the capacity to protect food from going stale and it can add a new character to the dish in question. Let’s take a look at some of the uses of vinegar while cooking fish.


To begin with, there are many people who use vinegar in cleaning fish. Cleaning your fish with vinegar will add to the flavor of the dish prepared. If you plan to use marinades, glazes and sauces in your fish preparation, then vinegar can be used to give it the citrus flavour.


Vingegar In Cleaning

Cleaning the fish is the first step in the cooking process. Fish has to be scaled, and this can turn out to be a rather long and smelly process. The easiest way to do this is to run a knife over the body of the fish, in the opposite direction of the scales. Work carefully and meticulously to remove all the scales. Vinegar can be used to aid this process. Rub in a little of this on the fish, and leave it for about five minutes, before removing the scales with the knife. The fish will get cleaned faster now, and the whole process will be less smelly. You can use some vinegar to wash your hands with after the fish is cleaned, and this will help get the stink of fish out.


Ward Off The Stink

Vinegar can be used to remove the smell of fish from dishes, table tops and even your hands; This is why it is used in cleaning of fish. If you mix some warm water with vinegar cleaning up your counters or cutting boards will be an easier task. If you still feel that you kitchen has that overpowering smell of fish, then leave a bowl of vinegar outside, and it will calm the fish smell.


Glossy Touch

You can glaze the top of grilled or breaded fish using vinegar. The traditional fish and chips recipe in Britain uses vinegar and salt. There are other recipes where one has to roll the fish in breadcrumb and sprinkle it with garlic, mint and vinegar. One can also use it to boil the herbs in, before sprinkling it on crispy fish. This will give it a sour and salty taste.


Marinade Fun

You can also use vinegar to make marinades, and it will work on both fresh fish and steak. The fish marinade has in it acids, herbs, spices and oils. You can use vinegar as the acid. Soak the fish in this marinade for about half an hour, not more. There are certain other fishes which marinade faster and emit a bad smell, while some others like the salmon takes a longer time. You can try and cook a fish dish using balsamic vinegar marinade along with olive oil and basil leaves.


More Tips

Adding vinegar to frying or boiling fish will also help reduce the fishy taste and smell, and it will also keep the meat soft. If you want to retain the white colour of fish, then keep it soaked in a mixture of 1 quarter water and two spoons of vinegar, for about 20 minutes. Another method of incorporating vinegar in fish is by adding it to the canned fish or shrimp. This will deepen the flavours and with a sprinkle of cooking sherry, 2 tsp of vinegar can be used per can of fish. Canned fish will never taste the same as before now.

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How To Use Vinegar While Cooking Fish