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How To Cook In Galvanized Pans

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If you often cook using galvanized pans, it is recommended you know how to cook in galvanized pans. You need to know a few things before you start cooking with galvanized pans because cooking in these pans is little different from normal cooking pans, as these pans need to be well seasoned before they are used. Here are some tips on how you can cook with galvanized pans.   


Cooking with galvanized pans:                   

  • It is important to buy a branded galvanized pan so that you have a good cooking experience.
  • Start the cooking process by placing the pan on the stove.
  • You need to pour little bit of vegetable oil or olive oil in a pan so that food items do not stick to the pan. If the pan is seasoned well, then the food shall not stick in the galvanized pans.
  • Once the pan gets well heated, you need to place the food in it.
  • Continue cooking as mentioned in the cooking instructions meant for galvanized cooking.


Seasoning Tips when cooking in galvanized pans:

Seasoning the pan before cooking is very important because your cooking depends a lot on how you season the pan.

  • Start by dampening a paper towel. You can use butter or even vegetable oil to dampen the towel.
  • Once the towel gets well dampened, you can rub the paper towel into the galvanized cooking surface. Ensure that the entire galvanized pan is well coated with a layer of vegetable oil.
  • The oven needs to be preheated. The ideal temperature for preheating the oven should be 250 degree Fahrenheit. Once you find that the pan is well heated it means it is ready for the seasoning to be done.


Tips for galvanized pan cooking:

  • When you are using galvanized pans for cooking, you should not be using any metallic spoons to stir the food. It is recommended to use wooden spoons and other utensils or else the galvanized coating shall erode away and your pan will not be fit for cooking.
  • Do not use sharp or rough surfaces to clean the galvanized pan or scrub it. This shall harm the coating. If you find there are food particles sticking onto the pan, you can use warm water and liquid soap but if you use a rough surface to remove the food residue, it shall harm the pan.
  • Once you have completed cooking in a galvanized pan and you have washed it also, let the pan dry well before you put it in a rack. You can let the pan dry using a towel so that it does not leave behind any dampness which shall damage it.


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How To Cook In Galvanized Pans