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Gü Pear Belle Helene Recipe

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Here Fred Ponnavoy gets us in the mood for Christmas with a brilliant way to jazz up our Cheeky Little Pots of Chocolate Ganache. It’s called Gü Pear Belle Helene.

Poach pear in Vanilla
4 pears
350g caster sugar
1 litre of water
2 vanilla pod
1 lemon juice
Boil the water sugar & the vanilla pod (previously cut in 2 & grated).
Peel the pear & the core the seed. Place the pear in the syrup and cook until tender for approximately 30mn with a baking paper covering the pear (to avoid oxidation).
Leave to cool.

Mascarpone cream with green Cardamom
250g mascarpone
50g caster sugar
50g water
Green cardamom

Heat the water & sugar together to dissolve.
Place the mascarpone in a bowl and mix with a spatula to smooth, add the cold syrup.
Place the green cardamom in a pepper mill and give between 30 to 40 turn according to taste.

Caramelised puffed rice
15g butter
30g caster sugar
20g puffed rice (rice krispies)
In a pan frying pan, caramelize the sugar until light brown caramel, add the butter and remove the pan from the heat, just steer using a wooden spoon then add the rice krispies, stir until the rice is fully coated and cool down on a baking paper on a baking tray.
In a glass deposit the sliced pear, deposit the mascarpone cream on top. Pour the hot chocolate ganache and finish by sprinkling the caramelized rice krispies on top.

Sliced the pear as you wish. In a shallow tumbler glass deposit the sliced pear, cover with mascarpone cream. Just before serving warm the gü cheeky pot of chocolat ganache in the micro wave and pour over the mascarpone cream.
Sprinkle with the caramelized rice and enjoy.

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Gü Pear Belle Helene Recipe
Are you searching for delicious and yummy dessert for christmas? Do you want to know about chocolate ganache? in this video, Fred Ponnavoy is making chocolate ganache. It’s called Gü Pear Belle Helene.

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Gü Pear Belle Helene Recipe, Gü Pear Belle Helene Recipe