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Learn How To Cook With Red Oak Wood

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Red oak wood for cooking

Savoring nicely barbecued chicken steaks is the best you can do to pamper yourself on a Sunday evening. If you have never cooked a morsel on hot grills before, here’s an opportunity to Learn How To Cook With Red Oak Wood. Cooking with red oak wood gives a similar experience of cooking food with charcoal, however, make it count…. The disparities in the taste of the food prepared through both the ways is quite evident. Here’s how:


Barbecuing food with red oak chips adds a complementary flavor to the entire meal. The red oak chips releases small flame and comparatively mild heat to gradually cook the food. This in turn allows the complete cooking of both the interiors and exteriors of the food. In addition, due to mild heat released from the oak wood, the food retains its natural aroma and juices and thus makes every bite a delectable experience for the eater. This retain of the natural flavors of the food differentiates the red oak wood cooking from the usual charcoal barbecuing.

Instructions for cooking food with red oak wood

  1. Before setting the barbeque pit on fire, it is essential to remove the grills and clean themproperly for removing all the lose ash, food chunks or charcoal pieces, if any.
  2. Now place chipsof red oak wood in the center of pile. Remember the size of the red oak chips should be similar in size with the charcoal chunks used for barbecuing food. Also place the wood chips in a fashion similar to the placement of charcoal.
  3. Next, cover the outer surface of the oak chips with a mild layer of the light fluid.
  4. Carefully set fire on the wood chips, lest you burn your hands. It is natural for the initial flash of fire to be stronger.
  5. Cover the opening portion of the barbeque pit and let the wood chunks burn until they turn into coals.
  6. The barbeque pit is ready for cooking only when the flames of the burning wood have died down.

Bon Appetite! 

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Learn How To Cook With Red Oak Wood