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Ten Different Ideas For Turkey Stuffing

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Stuffed turkey roasts are common during Thanksgiving and Christmas– but we  tend to get bored because we prepare the same type of stuffing every year.  Here are ten different ideas for turkey stuffing which you can try out this Thanksgiving. I hope you will enjoy each such stuffing idea.


Bread Stuffing – This is the most popular stuffing which is known to most of us. It is prepared with toasted bread cubes, chopped onions, butter, salt, dried sage, chopped parsley  and turkey stock. It is very easy to prepare and tastes wonderful when eaten with red wine.


White CastleTurkey Stuffing – This is prepared with white castle hamburgers, along with diced celery, ground sage, chicken broth, black pepper and ground thyme. Chicken broth adds a special taste to the stuffing. You need to stuff the turkey cavity just before you start roasting the turkey.


Five ingredient stuffing – This is a special stuffing which makes use of 5 ingredients only. You may change the ingredients as per your taste, but remember to restrict the number of ingredients to just 5. You can use seasoned stuffing mix, butter, ground pep, chopped mixed fruits and chicken broth.


Corn bread stuffing – You need to use corn bread instead of simple bread for this stuffing. Other ingredients which you can use are yellow cornmeal, all purpose flour, baking powder and milk. You should use a vegetable mixture of celery stalks, chicken broth, onions, green pepper and also eggs.


Vegetable herb stuffing – This is a favorite stuffing of anyone who is fond of herbs and vegetables. You can use carrots, celery, finely chopped onions, bread loaves and your favorite herbs. Mix all the ingredients together and add your preferred seasonings.


Mixed onion and bread stuffing – This is a lovely combination of leeks, onions, chicken broth, carrots, celery, dried sage, dried thyme, black pepper, golden raisins, apple juice, parsley pieces, brandy and white bread. This is a classic bread stuffing which is normally had as a holiday meal.


Wild rice stuffing – It is a traditional stuffing which infuses turkey with the scent of fresh thymes and vegetables. Wild rice, along with dried thyme leaves, chicken broth, mushrooms, celery stalks and long grain rice is used in the preparation of this stuffing. The taste of rice as a stuffing makes it a unique holiday preparation.


Apple and sausage stuffing – This is a special Thanksgiving classic stuffing which is full of vegetables and toasted bread chunks. Classic diced apples in a sausage mixture offers a unique taste to this stuffing. This stuffing needs to be prepared a day in advance and should be refrigerated overnight to get the maximum taste.


Pear stuffing – To prepare this stuffing you need to use Barlett pears, along with green onions, cornbread stuffing mix, fresh green vegetables, fresh parsley, chopped onions and celery. This stuffing tastes the best when it is prepared with olive oil.


Mushroom stuffing – You will love this stuffing prepared with fresh wholegrain bread, celery, bacon and sliced mushrooms. You can add your favorite herbs to this mixture, to get some additional nutrition. Chicken broth is also added to make soft mounds from this stuffing which makes it easy to stuff inside the cavity of the turkey. 


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Ten Different Ideas For Turkey Stuffing