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How To Toast Sliver Almonds For Rice Pilaf

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Toasted almonds for rice pilafWho does not love the taste of toasted almond in rice pilaf, but very few know how to toast the almonds for rice pilaf. If you do not know how to do it the right way, you might have to struggle getting the perfect flavor in the pilaf, since toasted almonds play an important role in this dish. Those who do attempt toasting almost for rice pilaf often complain that it  is an extremely difficult process with the almonds often getting burnt. Well, if you are one of these people then here are some tips, which shall help you to toast these pesky almonds to perfection, so that you get the extraordinary flavor of the rice pilaf.


Preparation: When you are toasting the slivered almonds, you will have to place them on a baking sheet which is unlined. You shouldn’t add cooking spray or any cooking oil since almonds will be releasing their own oil during baking. Ideally, you should use a baking sheet which has ¼ inche depth. You need to ensure that all almonds are evenly spread out in just a single layer or else all almonds wont get toasted evenly.


Baking: You need to preheat the oven – the temperature should be ideally 350 degree F before you start the process of toasting almonds. Put the almonds in your baking dish and put them inside your oven. You can now bake the almonds for 5 minutes. You can bake for some more time, if you feel that it needs some more baking. After 5 minutes, you can remove it slowly and stir the tray. You will find that silvers appear flipped. You can return the tray inside the oven now.


Final stages: If you feel there is need to toast the almonds further, you can bake them for some more time. You will understand the time required for toasting almonds with experience – usually the time required for toasting depends on the quantity of almonds you are toasting. Continue baking for 15 minutes more, but remember that you need to keep checking the almonds in between continuously to find that they are not over baked or turning golden in color or brown. As soon as you find that these are turning light golden in color, you need to remove them from the oven – as it means that your almonds are almost done. Almonds are very thin – thus, you have to be very careful or else within seconds you will notice that your almonds are getting burnt from their golden color.


Now, you can slowly remove all the almonds  from the oven and then keep them in a plate so that they cool down and harden. When you find that all almonds are hardened, you can add them in the rice pilaf – you will love the crunchy taste of the almonds with a spoonful of the delicious rice.


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How To Toast Sliver Almonds For Rice Pilaf