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How To Make A Blue Cheese Dressing

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I had to learn how to make a blue cheese dressing, as it is one of my favorites for the green salads. Making blue cheese dressing at home is not that critical. In fact, once you start preparing this by yourself, you will not want to taste the readymade one, anymore.

Blue cheese dressing for fresh saladTo prepare the blue cheese dressing at home you will require the right type of ingredients. In the preparation process, there is no part of cooking involved. You will only need to blend the ingredients properly, to make it more delicious and savory. Basically you will require three important ingredients for the blue cheese dressing, which are mayonnaise, blue cheese and sour cream. Other than these you can add some special ingredients to get some variations of the dressing. Also, make sure to use a cheese having strong flavor, so that the cheesy smell does not get lost among other flavors.

To prepare the basic blue cheese dressing, you will need to mix crumbled blue cheese along with other ingredients such as olive oil, apple cider vinegar, chopped parsley, Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce and freshly ground black pepper. Thoroughly blend the ingredients to make a smooth consistency. Refrigerate the dressing before use.

Another variation of blue cheese dressing can be made by adding buttermilk and cherry tomatoes to the mix. To prepare this specialty, you will require mixing blue cheese, olive oil and buttermilk. To this mixture, add the seasonings of lemon juice, chives, ground black pepper and salt. Finally cut the small tomatoes vertically in half to mix with the dressing. Before serving add another round of freshly ground pepper.

For health conscious people, low fat blue cheese dressing will be most lovable variation among all. Use fat free sour cream, low fat buttermilk and blue cheese crumble to prepare the dressing. To the mixture add minced garlic and little bit of salt to taste. Thoroughly blend the ingredients and keep it inside the refrigerator before serving.

The vegan blue cheese dressing is also another healthy variation of this recipe. For this, use vegan mayonnaise to blend with garlic powder, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and tahini-sesame seed paste. Take firm tofu to crumble with palms and then add the crumbles to the dressing mix.

This way, you can prepare the blue cheese dressing by your own style. Use different types of herbs and spices, which go well with the cheesy flavor to blend with the blue cheese. Now everyday you can have a new dressing to enjoy your salad.

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How To Make A Blue Cheese Dressing