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Hollandaise Sauce Makeover

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How to make Hollandaise Sauce in a KitchenAid Blender instead of a double boiler.

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Hollandaise Sauce Makeover
Make hollandaise sauce and win hearts of your guests, and strangers. This sauce from Holland kitchen is a surprise package of taste, flavor, and aromatic spices, perfect to be tagged with any main dish meal.

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I use pasturized eggs as it isn't a cooked sauce. There is a great Weight Watcher's Hollandaise sans the butter amount and it tastes great. You can even use Knorr (shhhh) Hollandaise sauce mix and make it low fat but big on taste if watching the fat grams. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Hollandaise Sauce Makeover Video, Hollandaise Sauce Makeover