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How To Make Cranberry Juice

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Easy juice making method - learn how to make cranberry juiceThese days we see a lot of factory juices lined up in stores – you just need to open the cans and have any fruit juice you desire…but can anything beat your home made fruit juices? Learn how to make cranberry juice and enjoy the juice of this fruit as and when you like.

Making cranberry juice is very simple. You don’t need to make elaborate arrangements to prepare this juice…nor does it take too much time. It can be learnt fast and prepared whenever you have cranberries at home. You just need to pick some fresh cranberries for your juice…you can prepare juice from cranberries which are in your refrigerator for many days, but you won’t get a good taste in such a case. Before you start the preparation process you need to ensure that all your cranberries are well washed. This is to ensure that they are free from any dust which might have gathered in them.

When I make cranberry juice at home, I spend a little extra time in washing them. You can put all your cranberries under running water for at least five minutes to ensure that all bacteria and germs are easily washed away. Sometimes I add a pinch of salt so that any bacteria which might be present is washed off. While washing your cranberries, it is good to throw some orange slices too in them. However, if you choose to make a cranberry sauce, you might desire to keep them for their pulp.

You will need a blender where you can blend the cranberries and other ingredients for the juice. Add Clear and healthy cranberry juice poured in a glass jarsome water and little lemon juice in the blender where you will be putting the cranberries. You can add all the cranberries to this mixture and then blend the mixture on medium speed for some time. You will notice that you get a very thick liquid – there shouldn’t be any lumps. When you notice a thick liquid without lumps it is an indication that your cranberry juice is ready.

You can put this mixture into the refrigerator and let it chill for sometime. After a few hours when the juice gets completely chilled you can strain the juice through a strainer. If you find any solid material, you should discard it. Add some sugar and heat the mixture for two minutes so that the sugar melts and the mixture gets a good taste…otherwise you might get an unpleasant taste of the cranberries.

You can now transfer you juice in a drink pitcher. You need to chill this in your refrigerator before you serve it. To get the maximum taste of the juice you need to serve it by adding some ice cubes.

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How To Make Cranberry Juice