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How to Make Sambhar Powder

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Nalgari podi is a powder which is used in making nalgari ( a kind of sambhar ) and for making bisi bele bhat.. for vegetables that are roots or combination of root vegetable with other vegetables nalgari is preferred
Here are the ingredients: two measures of red chillies, one measure of dhania seeds, half measure of chana dall, one fourth measure of udad dall, one fourth measure of moong dall, a pinch of hing ( asafoetida) and one fourth measure of cinnamon ( not cardamom as i have accidentally narrated in the video,thanks yoursnilu ! ) , roast the ingredients till the red chillies become crisp and grind to a fine powder after it cools could add one teaspoon of cooking oil during roasting

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How to make Sambhar Powder
Nalgai or sambhar podwer is used in making mouth watering South Indian dishes. It is therefore of utmost importance to learn some culinary skills on how to make sambhar powder.

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How To Make Sambhar Powder Video, How To Make Sambhar Powder