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How To Cook Hot Dogs In A Crock-pot

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So you thought that crock-pots are slow cooking electrical appliances just to make sumptuous dishes like classic French onion soup, stews and meat combos! Did your grandma tell you that slow cooking is always tastier than the food cooked in haste? Could you ever imagine making hot dogs in a crock-pot? Yes that is not some fancy imagination but a reality. Hot dogs can definitely be prepared in crock-pots. In fact they are much tastier and you will see the demand and supply balance going for a toss in a hospitality table. People won’t be content with just one. Cooking hot dogs in a crock-pot is easy and requires little effort.

Cooking Hot Dogs In A Crock-pot

Traditional vs. Slow Cooked Hot Dogs

You would be surprised that hot dogs done in a slow cooker taste like the ones you buy at events. No doubt it takes 2 to 3 hours for the hot dogs to get fully cooked in a crock-pot but the waiting time is worth it. Unlike conventional boiled and grilled hot dogs, crock-pots give you hot dogs that have crisper skin.

Making The Hot Dogs In A Crock-pot

Put the hot dogs into a crock-pot and arrange the hot dogs in such a way that there is enough space between them. Where the hot dogs touch the crock-pot surface the hot dogs will be brown and crispy. Put to the crock-pot setting to high and then cover and cook the hot dogs. Just a word of caution, do not take off crock-pot lid during cooking, otherwise the heat will escape and it will increase the time necessary to cook the hot dogs. You will need to keep the hot dogs cooking for 1 to 2 hours or until slightly browned. It’s totally your call.

If you like your hot dogs to be crispier increase the time duration. Once done, reduce the cooking temperature of the crock-pot to low or press the hold setting (if your crock-pot has it) until it is time to serve the hot dogs. A few minutes before serving place hot dog buns in crock-pot with the hot dogs to warm up and soften the buns. Use a pair of food tongs to remove the hot dogs from the crock-pot, place hot dogs into buns and serve. Don’t forget to sing the famous hot dog song “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog” though!

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How To Cook Hot Dogs In A Crock-pot