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How to cook boiled peanuts? - Going nuts about peanuts

Remember the age-old nursery rhyme, which goes like “Found a peanut … just now…Ate the peanut…” . Peanuts are an all-time favourite and make a delicious snack, when boiled. How to cook boiled peanuts? Boiled peanuts compared to their un-boiled counterparts taste scrumptious and are easily digestible.

cooking boiled peanuts with absolute ease and the perfect taste

So, here are a few easy steps on how to cook boiled peanuts.

• First gather your peanuts. You could have fresh ones to give the best taste and flavor.

• Take the peanuts in a large bowl and keep them under cold running water, shuffling and stirring with your hands, to make sure they are thoroughly clean. Let them remain under the running water until the water in the vessel becomes clear.

• Now, put the washed and cleaned peanuts in a vessel of cold water and soak them for 30 – 45 minutes.

• After soaking them, transfer the peanuts into a cooking vessel filled with water. Ensure that the peanuts are totally immersed in the water. For every gallon of water used in the cooking vessel, one cup of salt is to be added. Keep the vessel on high flame and cover the peanuts.

• Once the peanuts come to a boil, reduce the flame and allow it to cook for 4 hours.

• The peanuts are said to be done, if they are soft with a tinge of firmness.

• Once the peanuts are satisfactorily boiled, you can drain the water completely and use the peanuts for snacking right away or even refrigerate.

From “Found a peanut to how to cook boiled peanuts and eat it too”  the rhyme goes perfect with the rhythm of cooking and eating.

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How To Cook Boiled Peanuts? - Going Nuts About Peanuts