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Quinoa Power Salad Recipe

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Quinoa power salad
Quinoa's (pronounced keen-wa) origins are truly ancient. It was one of the three staple foods, along with corn and potatoes, of the Inca civilization. Quinoa was known then, and still is known, with

respect, as the mother grain.

Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain; an average of 16 percent, compared with 7 percent for rice, 10 percent for millet, and 14 percent for wheat. Quinoa's protein is of an extremely high

quality. It is a complete protein, with an essential amino acid balance close to the ideal.

Quinoa's protein is high in lysine, methionine and cystine. This makes it an excellent food to combine with, and boost the protein value of, other grains (which are low in lysine), or soy (which is low in

methionine and cystine). Rich & Balanced Source of Nutrients

Besides its unique protein, quinoa also provides starch, sugars, oil (high in essential linoleic acid), fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Easy on the Stomach
Quinoa is light, tasty, and easy to digest. It is not sticky or heavy like most other grains, and it has a delicious flavor all its own. Quick and Simple to Prepare
A whole-grain dish of quinoa takes just 15 minutes. Versatile
Quinoa can be substituted for almost any grain in almost any recipe. It looks and tastes great on its own, or in any dish from soup to salad.
Perfect for Summertime
Many people, especially in Europe, eat grains only during winter, but quinoa's lightness combined with its versatility in cold dishes like salads and desserts makes it a perfect source of solid summertime


Let us take a look at the ingredients for the recipe
5 cups of quinoa
1 cup of chopped carrots
3/4 of a cup of minced parsley
1 cup of sunflower seeds
4 cloves of minced garlic
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
Juice of a small lemon
3 tomatoes
2 handfulls of black or green olives

Cook the quinoa. Place it into a large salad bowl and let it cool. Add the carrots, parsley, sunflower seeds and garlic to the quinoa and mix it all thoroughly. Combine the olive oil, soy sauce and lemon

juice, pour over it over the quinoa and toss well. Garnish the salad with tomato wedges and olives.
This recipe makes 8 servings and per serving you will get 10g of protein, 29g of carbohydrates, 10g of fat, of which only 1g is saturated and a total calorie count of about 250 calories.
I absolutely love quinoa. I have decided to do a little series on quinoa recipes. If you have one, write to us at Diet and Nutrition TV.

Also Known as: 
Quinoa Power Salad
Quinoa is a great source of protein and amino acids. Quinoa is very nutritional food helps to improve digestion system. It id very light and fluffy and has good values of nutrition. In this video, Christopher Govender is preparing healthy quinoa power salad.

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Quinoa Power Salad Recipe, Quinoa Power Salad