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Healthy Butter Nut Cookies

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My first video I've put up, and more to come of course. These guys are delicious if you want a healthier cookie, if there is an ingredient that your not sure about just ask and I can provide a suggestion to an alternative. Too many desserts are made with white flour, milk, eggs and CANE SUGAR, there are dozens of other grains and sweeteners out there so please broaden your horizons and get creative. Our bodies need nutrients from many sources and yes you can even hide nutrients in your desserts!

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Healthy Butter Nut Cookies
Delicious healthy cookies made out of butter nut are great way of running yourself into gastronomic delight. Learn some ingredient and making process of butter nut cookies, to make great tasting cookies.

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Healthy Butter Nut Cookies, Healthy Butter Nut Cookies