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Easy Gnocchi Recipe

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He makes this look sooooo easy...

:) Nikko

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How To Make Gnocchi
Home made gnocchi can be very delicious and not that difficult to prepare. This is a true master class that will teach you how to make gnocchi. This video is by one of the best chefs in the world, so pay attention and you are sure to learn.

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Gnocchi (("nyo key"), ) is one of our favourite meals. I love this video. I use it in conjunction with the methods shown by Michael Chiarello just up the road in the Napa Valley. He uses egg yolks and some parmesano cheese in his gnocchi and baked russet potatoes. I like this method very much. His mother is S. Itlian, in fact maybe Sicilian. Perhps the variances are due to each being from different areas of Italy. Mario Batali also has a bit of a different slant using more flour. It is Sorrentino style. The potatoes are boiled and it is almost the same as the chef on the video. Some use ricotta and fino semolina with the potatoes, also spinacchi gnocchi are great. Love gnocchi with a gorgonzola sauce, chicken and some sweet Itlian sausage-awesome meal with a green salad. It is a great treat when allowing more carbs in a diet. You cn also use whole wheat flour or better yet farro flour when making gnocchi for a healthier result, but it's the sauce that is loaded with fats. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I like using baked potatoes instead of boiled ones myself - brings out a better taste I think... I like the idea of it with a gorgonzola sauce! I'm going to have to try that... :) Nikko
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Oh watch out the gorgonzola cream sause as it is addictive! Chicken bites (breast cut up and lightly browned) and some really good Italian sausage out of the casing and broken up and fried......well watch out. It is heavenly. Youn just toss the chicken, sausage, gnocchi and sauce together in the skillet and fry a bit like any pasta. Turn out onto serving shallow bowls. This is the way our dear friend and amazing chef, Guiseppi used to make it. Lost him at age 42 of a heart attack. So sad. His recipes were from his mother on the Amalfi Coast. His polenta with wild mushroom ragu could make you cry it was so good. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Great instructional video. We'll have to make gnocchi sometime. Warmly, Doreen Lizzie Marie Cuisine feeding body & soul