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Cider Salmon and Pasta Ensemble Recipe

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An evening glimpse around Jama Masjid, Delhi during the Ramadan is full of different colouls of food product. I will take you today to the journey of an Iftari evening around Jama Masjid.

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An Iftari Food Market Around Jama Masjid-1
Salmon is one of my favorite and healthy dish. Salmon and pasta makes a perfect combination and delicious treat. Learn to make yummy and outstanding cider salmon and pasta ensemble recipe.

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great video,great coverage!
aditya28's picture
Interesing video .It is showing our great Indian slogan- unity in diversity.
doctorfood04's picture
food market-what a new concept? Jama Masjid also so our great culture.
Alpana.Mathur's picture
Welldone Ganesh! Nice video coverage ,audio is also so good.In this era of global terrorism this type message should create a sense of unity and security.
Cider Salmon And Pasta Ensemble Recipe Video, An Iftari Food Market Around Jama Masjid-1