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Easy Vegan Borsch Recipe

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We tried this one last night and it was amazing! Give it a try...

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Easy Vegan Borsch Recipe
Vegan Borscht is typically beet soup although a variety of other vegetables could be used. It is a popular Russian soup that's now getting noticed in the US too. It is also called the longevity soup by the Russians as they believe this is a pure organic soup that will ash down all the health ailments caused by consuming pork and meat.

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Great job! Never thought of Vegan borscht. Like your sour cream option of tofu. We also have something called Imo in the US that I belive is Vegan.
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Borsch without a meat base is like a shower without soap.....just not satisfying...!
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I'm not a vegetarian but it looks good
CookingMyWay's picture
Everyone who tried it when I made it loved it. I'll agree that it's better with meat but it was good enough to keep the recipe!
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Looks like a great recipe! I will definitely try it thanks for sharing it.
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Borsch is a great Eastern European soup. Cold or hot !! Nice The Tortilla Guy
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I was a bit surprised how good it was sans the meat... :) Nikko
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Enjoy healthy eating! :-) Raquel
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I'm impressed it looks great and I can't wait to try it. I never knew how to make borsht! Thanks !
Easy Vegan Borsch Recipe Video, Easy Vegan Borsch Recipe