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Stuffed Dumplings

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These look delicious!

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Ukrainian Vareniki - Stuffed Dumplings
Vareniki is a kind of Ukranian dumplings that is made with simple noodle dough often stuffed with anything from sauerkraut to cheese to sour cherries. Its almost a national obsession in Ukraine and a greatly loved dish there.

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Be sure and put this video in our Russian Group Dr. Houston, or Doc as his friends call him started. He has lived and worked in the former Eastern European countries for decades and is an expert on the cultures and cuisines of this area. I am so happy to have him here-he has a wealth of expierence and knowledfe of this area, and he is a serious foodie!
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Great recipe but better music!'s picture
Looks delish! Chris
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Looks yummy, yummy mmmm
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Looks tasty
Stuffed Dumplings Video, Ukrainian Vareniki - Stuffed Dumplings