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Solar Cooking Zanzibar Sweet, Halua

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Safe on energy-have an outdoor kitchen.

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Solar Cooking Zanzibar
The video shows food being cooked through solar cooking method. The background music makes the proceeds more enjoyable, worth watching and worth trying!!1

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Interesting vid...
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Nice video. In India, there are thousands of villages that don't have electricity. Also, the poor can't afford LPG and other sources of energy. Hence, the women have to walk long distances to collect firewood. The Govt. has started various programs where they provide help with using solar energy for various aspects of life. I forget the name but there is an entire village (in South India) that cooks their meals using solar dishes. Each household has an individual syatem installed!
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I was quite interested in your comment and did a search, but nothing substantial. If you find the use please do post it here! and this test in Madhya Pradesh It seems such a viable form of cooking for poor-rural areas especially in such as much of India with so many days of sun.
Solar Cooking Zanzibar Sweet, Halua, Solar Cooking Zanzibar