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How to Make Stir Fry Chinese Dish

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Learn how to prepare a basic stir-fry dish. Visit

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Learn How To Prepare A Basic Stir-fry Dish - Chinese Cooking
Chinese cooking is more oriented to tradition, and is totally different in way of cooking, and presenting. So get some idea on how to make perfect Chinese dish out here.

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Great video to show folks how to cure it the first time. My favourite wok is a spun steel 19" wok. I never really wash it with soap and water-only water when it's hot. This works great then I make sure it is dry before putting away-in my case hung up. I use a wok for many types of cuisine not just Asian. Perfect for stir-frying Italian style veggies. Love my woks! However, I am surprised to see you using an lectric burner, as I find a wok is so much more effective on gas.
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As for woks, many people use the 12" or 14" diameter carbon steel wok as a suitable and more manageable wok size. Most home stove can fit a 12" wok more easier than even a 14" wok. The demonstration on the video is only for carbon steel woks and not for woks with a non-stick coating. You'll damage the non-stick type of wok if you perform this procedure on it. As for the electric burner, I'm glad that you spotted that we used an electric burner. The electric burner was used in the demonstration as part of our Boot Camp Training Package ( and it was used to show that anyone can cook Chinese food even if you don't have a stove. The BTUs or level of heat on this burner is compatible with the electric burner stoves. The gas stove can heat at a much higher temperature and it will allow one to heat the wok much faster than the electric burner types. Thanks for your comment! Ala Luke
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A smaller wok is great on the side burner of your barbecue so the smoke is all outside!
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It's very exiting to find this site. You truly can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing - I'll keep reading.
How To Make Stir Fry Chinese Dish Video, Learn How To Prepare A Basic Stir-fry Dish - Chinese Cooking