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Sandwich Cookies

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Sandwich cookies are basically two layers of cookies with a sweet filling between them. These are essentially rolled or pressed cookies which are later assembled as a sandwich. The filling can range from anything to jams and sweetened butter to vanilla and other flavors. The cookies are popular all over the world and every region has its own distinct version of the preparation.

Origin of Sandwich Cookies Recipes

The Cookies have been around for a very long time and therefore tracing their origin is still under process. While many theories credit Britain as the inventor of the cookies, the exact invention and origin are largely unknown. Also, with every region boasting a different and unique recipe, it is not known what the actual and traditional recipe to make the cookies was. Whatever little details that are present are very hazy and sketchy and therefore, different people believe and retell different stories.

Ingredients and Preparation: Sandwich Cookies Recipes

As mentioned earlier, there are several recipes when it comes to Sandwich Cookies. Each region has its own version and even households boast unique and different recipes and preparation methods. The ingredients used largely depend on the recipe being followed. Fillings can range from fruit jams to candy bits and the cookies themselves can be made with everything from chocolate and chocolate chips to peanut butter.

Although the preparation time of the cookies largely depends on the recipe being followed and the ingredients being used, baking is always the preparation method. The cookies are prepared and rolled out first and the filling is them pressed between two cookies. Once the baking part is over, the cookies become ready to be served.

Serving and Eating Sandwich Cookie

Sandwich Cookies can be served anytime of the day with just about anything. These are served as a snack, a part of a major lunch or dinner meal and as an after food dessert. The cookies are also a popular milk, tea and coffee accompaniment. The cookies can be served warm, at room temperature or chilled depending on individual preferences and tastes.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Sandwich Cookie

The Cookies, because of the rich ingredients used, are high in fat and calorie content and therefore not much recommended for people who are obese or suffer from heart disease or other similar health problems. In addition, conscious eaters generally tend to keep away from them. These can, however, be made healthier by making a few changes to the ingredients mentioned in the common recipes. Lighter and non-fat versions can be used instead of richer ones and sugar can be replaced with a good quality artificial sweetener to make low-fat, healthier versions of Sandwich Cookies.