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Homemade Holiday Cookies

Homemade holiday cookies are the most favorite delicacies for all holidays, especially Christmas. Different aromas of diverse holiday cookies are commonly felt during this festive season. Be it for serving in a party or simply gifting a beloved, these party cookies are perfect Christmas recipes. A wide range of homemade holiday cookies can be prepared starting from orange cranberry drop and brownie biscotti to caramel shortbread and butter-cream sugar cookies.

Ingredients & Methods of Preparation of Homemade Holiday Cookie Recipes
The ingredients required for homemade holiday cookies vary from recipe to recipe. For preparing caramel shortbread the chief ingredients are flour, brown sugar, corn syrup and condensed milk while the making of brownie biscotti requires vanilla extract, cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate chips as the important ingredients. While preparing homemade cookie recipe it is important that the cream and the baking powder are fresh otherwise the holiday cookies will become flattened. Also, it is always recommended to store the homemade holiday cookie dough in the fridge overnight before slicing.

Serving Homemade Holiday Cookie Dishes
Homemade holiday cookie dish can be served warm or normal. These crunchy holiday cookies go well with coffee and snacks.

Some Health Facts to Homemade Holiday Cookies
Homemade holiday cookies contain fatty ingredients like butter, cream and sugar. Hence, the consumption of homemade holiday cookie recipe is not recommended for those endeavoring to cut down on calories. Also, individuals having the problem of diabetes are not suggested to have these holiday cookies due to its sweetening contents.