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Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookie is a delicious fancy and modern cookie with its origin in Japanese America or Chinese American region. The cookie contains an edible case in which a note in Chinese Script can be kept. The note usually is a special message or a piece of wisdom.

Fortune Cookie Recipe- Ingredients Used And Methos Of Preparation

Though fortune cookie is available commercially, it's also popular in home-baking. The cookie is easily prepared and takes less time. The edible casing of the cookie is made of flour, oil and sugar with vanilla flavoring. A batter is made with the ingredients. The batter for these cookies is of a droppable consistency with a spoon. The batter is placed on a baking sheet and baked. In the meantime a fortune is written on paper and is placed on the middle of the cookie which is folded. The finished cookie is placed in a muffin tin to hold the shape of the cookie.

Serving Fancy Fortune Cookies
Fortune cookies are popularly served in Chinese American restaurants.

Variations in Fortune Cookie Recipe

Fanciful and novel fortune cookie recipes made with different types of colored papers, cookie dyes etc. are made by food artists today.