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Decorating Christmas Cookies

Decorating Christmas cookies is the process of enhancing the appearance of the festive cookies by frosting, topping, painting, or embossing designs of choice on them. The designs are commonly themed on the festival of Christmas and related customs. Decorated Christmas cookies are a favorite of children who also enjoy taking part in the task of decorating them. However, how to decorate Christmas cookies the best is not known to many people and they are best learnt from an expert where one can learn to utilize his/her innovative ideas to the best. Decorating Christmas cookies is the most enjoyable, but nevertheless a tough job, as it requires handling the task with finesse.

How to Decorate Christmas Cookies
Decorating Christmas cookies is a fun activity and one’s imagination is the only limiting factor in this, provided the required resources are available on hand. Here are some tips that can be followed while decorating the cookies:

• Fundamentally, the cookies should be decorated with only edible material. If children are given the job of making decorated Christmas cookies, they should be instructed to use edible material like royal icing, food paint or any other edible item only for decorating the cookies.
• How to decorate Christmas cookies is a matter of personal choice and one should make a list of the materials to be procured, well before the festival and prepare the cookies with them.
• Decorating Christmas cookies with dried fruits, nuts and candy is a common practice and they can be decorated before or after them. If the cookies are to be decorated, it is best to decorate them according to the choices of the recipient by a prior informal consultation
• Though frosting and icing are used interchangeably in decorated Christmas cookies, it is better to coat the cookie with frosting and use icing on it to make designs as frosting is thicker than icing.
• Decorating Christmas cookies with candies after they are baked can be done by attaching the candies to the cookies with royal icing or any other icing which can keep the candy in place.
• Finally, the cookies can be dusted with sugar and painting the cookie can be done with a toothpick or a fine brush.
If how to decorate Christmas cookies is known correctly, then implementing the aesthetic ideas is very convenient and can be done in very less time. Decorating Christmas cookies is done according to one’s own imagination and there are no set rules that dictate this.