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Simple Coquilles Saint Jacques

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  Bay scallops 1⁄2 Pound
  Butter/Margarine 1 Tablespoon
  Finely chopped onion 1 Tablespoon
  Lemons juice 1 1⁄2 Teaspoon
  Salt 1⁄4 Teaspoon
  Dried marjoram leaves 4 , crushed
  Paprika 1 Dash
  White wine 6 Tablespoon
  Canned mushroom stems and pieces 4 Ounce, drained (1 Can)
  Butter/Margarine 3 Tablespoon
  Flour 2 Tablespoon
  Heavy cream 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Finely chopped parsley 1 Teaspoon

1. Wash scallops and remove any shell particles; drain.
2 In a deep 1 1/2 quart non-metallic casserole place the 1 tablespoon butter and the onion.
3. Heat, uncovered, in Microwave Oven 1 (1 1/4) minute or until onion is tender.
4. Add scallops, lemon juice, salt, marjoram paprika and wine. Stir to combine.
5 Heat, covered, in Microwave Oven 3 (4) minutes.
6. Add mushrooms and heat, covered, in Microwave Oven 1 (1 1/4) minute or until scallops are tender. Do not overcook scallops as they will become tough.
7. Drain liquid, reserve and set scallops and liquid aside.
8. Melt the 3 tablespoons of butter in a small heat-resistant non-metallic bowl in Microwave Oven 30 (40) seconds.
9. Blend in flour.
10. Gradually stir in reserved scallop liquid and cream.
11. Heat, uncovered, in Microwave Oven 2 (2 1/2) minutes or until thickened and smooth.
12. Stir in parsley.
13. Combine reserved scallop mixture and sauce.
Spoon mixture into 4 serving shells or small non-metallic ramekins.
14. Heat, uncovered, in Microwave Oven 3 (4) minutes.
15. If browning is desired, place under broiler of a conventional oven several minutes or until lightly browned.

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Simple Coquilles Saint Jacques Recipe