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White Coffee

White coffee is a term that refers to different types of beverages in different countries. In many English speaking nations, it means usual black coffee to which milk or cream, or any such ‘whitener’ has been added. In the United States, the term usually refers to espresso coffee that has been prepared by using coffee beans roasted to a yellow level, which produces a lighter colour brew. In countries like Lebanon and Syria, the term refers to herbal tea made of orange blossoms.

Ingredients Used and White Coffee Recipe Overview

In England, white coffee is made of coffee beans, water, a whitener and a sweetener which is usually sugar. The whitener is commonly milk, but may also be cream, corn syrup, soy milk, etc. To prepare the coffee, coffee beans are ground and hot water is added to them, mixing well. A sweetener may be added as per individual taste. Milk or any other whitener is then added, followed by any fancy additions like cocoa powder, vanilla or ground cinnamon.

In the United States, this type of coffee is made by roasting coffee beans to a yellow roast stage, grinding them, and then preparing a foamy coffee by mixing the grounded coffee with hot water by using an espresso coffee machine. The coffee has a nutty taste and pronounced acidity.

In Lebanon and Syria, white coffee is the term used for a herbal tea, and is prepared by adding orange flower infused water to plain, clean water, along with powdered sugar and optionally, lemon zest. The ingredients are boiled for a couple of minutes, strained and served at the end of a meal. This herbal tea has a calming effect on the body and also aids in digestion.

Serving White Coffee Drinks

The coffee prepared with coffee beans is served hot or cold at any time of the day, more often in mornings, after meals or at get-togethers with snacks. The herbal drink prepared with orange blossom water is served warm, after meals.

White Coffee Recipe Variations

Café au lait is a variant in which steamed or heated milk is added instead of room temperature milk used in the regular variant of this coffee.

Another variant from Malaysia is made of coffee beans that have been roasted in margarine, and sweetened condensed milk is added to the drink after brewing. One such coffee is called Ipoh Coffee, named after the town named Ipoh, from where the variant originated. This type of coffee is also available as a ready to use mix of coffee powder, non-dairy whitener and sugar. This instant mix is available in small packs of single or multiple servings in Malaysian markets, and is quite popular in homes as well as offices. The health effects of these instant white coffee mixes containing non-dairy whiteners are, however, widely debated.