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Java Coffee

Java Coffee is a particular type of coffee that is produced on the Indonesian island of Java. The coffee has become so popular across the United states at present that the term ‘Java’ is now an accepted slang for coffee. The Indonesians describe a strong and sweetened version of black coffee which contains powdered coffee as ‘Kopi Jawa’. The earthy flavor and strong taste is the characteristic of this type of coffee.

The various estates on Java blend their coffees with those obtained from Yemen creating the prized variety of ‘Mocha Java’. Some of the coffee plantations on Java also age the coffees similar to the wines. They are also subjected to the damp weather during the monsoonal rains. The coffee beans change color and become strong in flavor during this process producing the varieties of old Government, Old Brown and Old Java.

Origin of Javanese Coffee

Coffee was introduced to Java by the Dutch who colonized it in the 17th century. The crop grew well due to an ideal climate and was soon blended with other varieties with the excellent quality Arabica still being grown on the island. The coffee trade flourished during the Dutch era making Java coffee one of the best in the world.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation as per Popular Java Coffee Recipes

The commonest as well as the most popular form of Java coffee is the mocha variety. Strong coffee from Java can be prepared by using it in the roasted, grinded, or the powdered form. The mixture of crème de cacao and cocoa mix or chocolate powder along with the freshly ground Java are topped with steaming hot water and stirred thoroughly in order to prepare an invigorating blend of mocha Java.

Serving Suggestions for Maximizing the Java Coffee Benefits

Coffee is known to be an instant energy booster with its effects on the heart being debatable. There are numerous ways of serving coffee with the bitter taste being considerably diluted by addition of milk or cream. Adding sweeteners helps to improve the taste although it increases the calories of the beverage. Other forms of the coffee may be healthier depending on the blend and additives used.

  • Black Coffee- The purest form of Java coffee which helps in eliminating fatigue.
  • Crema coffee- Java served with a topping of whipped cream.
  • Cappuccino- A foamy concoction often dispensed by an espresso machine.
  • Café Mocha- The most popular form of the coffee which is also healthy courtesy the antioxidants present in chocolate.
  • Irish coffee- Laced with whiskey, the coffee is consumed to ward away the extreme cold during winters in Europe.

Java Coffee Health Benefits

  • Java is believed to contain some anti-carcinogenic properties according to the latest research studies.
  • It is also believed to lower blood sugar levels thereby lowering the risk of diabetes.
  • It’s effectiveness in boosting mental alertness have been proved conclusively.
  • Studies indicate that it may have some positive effect on patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease especially the males.

Javanese Coffee: Trivia

Java! Java! Coffee is the name of a Washington based company involved in selling roasted Java coffee beans.