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Frappuccino is a frozen beverage which is made by blending coffee with milk. Frappuccino is similar to cold coffee where the former is served at a much lower temperature. The drink is a popular pick at restaurants and is also available bottled in the market. The term Frappuccino was coined after combining Frappe and Cappuccino.

The Perfect Frappuccino

A Frappuccino tastes just like iced coffee. The thick icy texture of the drink makes it look like a coffee slush. Frappuccinos are sweet in taste and have a mild coffee flavor and some preparations even take whipped cream topping.

Frappuccino and its varieties

Now a days restaurants serving Frappuccino use different flavored syrups and ingredients to create variety for their customers. One such popular variety is the Caramel Frappuccino that is sold at the Starbucks café. Other flavors like chocolate, cream, toffee, fruits, etc are also used to make Frappuccino.

The popular coffee chain Starbucks has its own trademark coffee that has been named Frappuccino.