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Coffee is a black to brown colored beverage prepared from the dried roasted coffee beans or berries with some milk substitutes. It is a plantation crop and an important cash crop. The beans are dried thoroughly to get the powdered form. The presence of a considerable amount of caffeine, it is regarded as a stimulating agent. A series of discussions have followed relating to the impact of the cultivation of the crops to the environment. The consequences of this beverage is a controversial matter for ample of positivity and negativity is associated with the beverage. Despite of all the known facts it still remains a lovable beverage in all round the corners of the world and the consumption of the coffee recipes remains almost unaltered. A variety of recipes can be made once it is brewed. It can be served hot or cold. Apart from being consumed just as a beverage, a variety of mouthwatering delicacies can be prepared which include cakes, cookies, etc. Orange Gold and Nescafe are the most popular brands manufacturing the ready to use coffee powder. With the growing popularity of the drink, readymade canned coffee and bottle coffees are available in the market. Many houses consume the beverage in the breakfast or sometimes it accompanies the desserts. The numerous restaurants and café corners serving a variety of the popularized drink are there to cater to the likings of the consumers.

Origin of Coffee Recipes
The origination of growing of coffee plant is associated with the Arab countries. The term is derived from kahve in Turkish which means to revive and qahwah in Arabic, which means a wine. Then the concept spread to Ethiopia and Italy. Sooner it became a lovable beverage of the Christians. Later Americans also became fond of the recipe and it became renowned worldwide. Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora are the commonly grown plants of the variety which bear the seeds. These seeds are dried thoroughly and then ground to be ready to be used. Several religions had put a ban on the custom of consuming coffee recipes as was done by the Ethiopia Church and Ottoman Turkey. But to put a total ban on the drink was difficult because of its tremendous popularity. History reveals that in some countries it became popular as an alcoholic drink.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Coffee
The most common preparation is the brewed coffee which includes the beans being boiled in water/milk with some sugar. It can be served hot or cold. Espresso coffee made with just hot water or with some milk substitutes is very popular.

Some exotic and renowned recipes include:

  • Spanish coffee- A shot of rum, brandy and coffee is seasoned with a little nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar and cream.
  • Irish coffee- Coffee recipes are mixed with some whiskey topped with some cream and white sugar.
  • Iced coffee – The general recipe along with tea is served over ice with the addition of lime juice, orange juice and sugar syrup.
  • Frozen coffee parfait – Condensed milk, coffee and sugar are blend together topped with whipped cream.
  • Cocoa mint melody – Mix crushed mint leaves to the brewed coffee along with cocoa and sugar. It can be served both hot or cold.
  • Viennese coffee – Coffee recipes with some chocolate topped with thick cream, sugar, cinnamon and cocoa.
  • Coffee float - Add little milk in a tall glass topped with the coffee powder. Slowly pour in cola.

Variations in Coffee Recipes

  • Instant coffee can be made with the readymade powder available. For the convenience of the consumers the drink is made available in cans and bottles. Instead of making a wide ranging variety of beverages, coffee can be a basic ingredient of some delicious snack-time recipes. Some exclusive recipes may include delicious cakes, muffins and cookies. A few exotic delicacies are:-
  • Chocolate and coffee beans – Add some roasted coffee seeds to some melted chocolate chips. The coated seeds are brushed with some sugar and cocoa and later arranged in a tray and frozen.
  • Cappuccino Muffins – Flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, melted butter and milk together with coffee are mixed to make the tasty muffins.
  • Coffee cup cookies – The vanilla flavored cups are made with flour, soda, egg and butter. The crispy cups are filled with liquid coffee fillings and baked to form the delicious cookies.

Serving Coffee
There are numerous ways linked with the serving of this authentic drink. Coffee recipes can be served hot or cold with the exotic iced flavour. It is usually served in cappuccino cups. The hot brewed drink is the most refreshing drink served early in the morning. Some of the delicious flavored recipes are served at tea time or after dinner. It can be served black or with milk or cream, with or without sugar. Optionally, cocoa, cinnamon or nutmeg can be added. It can be an alcoholic drink served with some whiskey or rum. Common varieties of such beverage may include Irish coffee, Kahluaa and Tia Maria. The consumer can make changes in the recipe on his personal choices. The Cold coffee recipes served with ice cream or some Chocó chips or chocolate sauces are popular.

Some Health Facts to Coffee Recipes
The brewed coffee is believed to be a much better drink than the instant coffee. The presence of caffeine is lesser in former than the latter. Caffeine is regarded as an energizer. It stimulates the functionality of the humans and at the same time it is assumed to reduce the appetite of the consumer. The effect is broadly connected with the amount consumed in a particular recipe. Moderate intake does not probably do any harm but excessive consumption is surely to damage the body tissues. The effect of some heart diseases, diabetes, liver cirrhosis and gout on a human body is lessened with the consumption of coffee. Iron deficiency diseases, migraine, hardening of arteries and sleep disturbances go hand in hand with the intake of the coffee recipes. Survey has brought out interesting facts, according to which the depression feelings in humans can be expelled out with intake of the beverage. It is notable that excessive consumption results headache, but simultaneously the intake is encouraged during a severe headache also.