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Coffee Talk: A Difference You Can Taste Only at Fairway Market

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Truly great coffee is hard to come by. Here at Fairway it is our roasting process that separates our coffee from the rest. We take the time to roast our beans in small batches in our stores for a fresher product. On top of that we pay a premium for the beans to further ensure that our coffee is top notch. Now, for the first time, those of you who do not have a Fairway Market in your neighborhood can get your coffee fix in our online store. We have everything from the elusive Jamaican Blue Mountain to our very own Fairway blend, and you can have our coffee shipped to anywhere in the U.S. You will not be able to brew a better cup of coffee at home. For a fantastic Mitchel London danish to go with your coffee make sure to click on the featured recipe page.

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Coffee Talk: A Difference You Can Taste Only At Fairway Market Video