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Health Facts Of Coffee

Health Facts Of Coffee

Good or bad? That seems to be a million dollar question as far as coffee is concerned. While most health experts nod their heads and deride the caffeine rich beverage, the morning cuppa still happens to rule American mornings. In fact, statistics show that over 54% of Americans cannot do without it. Forget about headaches, insomnia and nervous energy, it is coffee that has amazing effects on your brain, body and skin, which are great for health to say the least. 


Here are a few healthy facts about coffee:

  1. If you drink coffee regularly, you are likely to derive most of your antioxidants that way. Recent research studies have shown that coffee rules in spite of there being fruits and veggies that are antioxidant rich too.

  2. Rats appear to be less stressed in spite of being sleep deprived on smelling coffee, say the scientists at ‘Seoul National University.’ It might just work for humans too. So go ahead, inhale the aroma as deeply as you can and you are likely to do fine without sleeping for long hours.

  3. Parkinson’s Disease makes one lose control of their movements. Caffeine lessens the risk according to ‘Science Daily.’ But did you know that it can help to improve the symptoms to some extent in persons already afflicted with it?

  4. People who drink alcohol regularly can see a flicker of hope, if they happen to be coffee drinkers too. Incidence of liver cirrhosis is 20% less in people who love their tipple too much. 4 cups of coffee also reduces the chance of developing non-alcoholic liver disease in other individuals as well.

  5. Wow! This is just great! Coffee makes you happy as well! Statistics reveal that it reduces depression due to the antioxidants present in it, lessening suicidal tendencies by 50%.

  6. Feel free to drink 3 cups of coffee a day, if you are a woman. It will help you to avid skin cancer for life.

  7. Athletes are known to perform better by consuming coffee too. The caffeinated beverage increases the number of fatty acids in the blood stream, which provide the necessary fuel required for the winning burst of speed.

  8. Drink coffee to keep Type 2 diabetes at bay. Medical researchers agree that coffee can decrease the risk of developing this condition by 50% with every extra cup lowering the risk by 7% more.

  9. Coffee keeps you both alert and vigilant agree all and sundry. But it also helps to make you sharper thereby enhancing your intelligent quotient in a big way.

  10. Caffeine in coffee is said to enhance sexual drive in female rats. There is every possibility of it working for women too. Isn’t it something to rejoice?


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Health Facts Of Coffee