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How To Use Percolater Coffee Makers

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Tips on how to use percolater coffee maker

If you love to have coffee and enjoy serving it to your friends when they drop in, you should ideally know how to use percolater coffee makers, which are ideal for preparing several cups of coffee at once. This is usually done by pouring boiling water and let it pass through a center tube where it is strained slowly over some ounces of ground coffee. Using a percolater is one of the most innovative and modernized way of preparing coffee. These are advantageous, since they use paper filter as the commonly used brewing bowl which have holes that allow the passage of water, but stop the coffee grounds effectively.


Here are some easy tips to use percolater coffee makers:


Getting started:


Learn using a percolater in step by step process - Start, by first opening the pot by slowly pulling its top off. Most of these percolater pots have a top opening. When you peep inside you will get to see a metal plate pierced, a metallic brewing chamber and also a long metallic tube which elegantly reaches the bottom part of the pot. You will notice that this entire apparatus is available as one piece and you just need to grab the second lip on the brewing chamber.


Pouring coffee:


In the next step you will do the simple task of pouring water into the pot and fill 2/3 of the pot. You need to be a little careful with measurements or your coffee shall not be of the taste you desire. Once done, you can slowly replace this brew chamber and the tube but remember that you need to take the top plate, so that the interior portions of the chamber are well exposed.


Adding coffee:


Adding the right quantity of coffee while using a percolater pot is quite important. You need to add several teaspoons of ground coffee - remember the proportion that the bigger the chunks of coffee are, the fewer grounds will be visible in the brewed coffee. The recommended proportion is using just half teaspoon of coffee grounds for every cup of water, in a pot.



Coffee making:


This is an important step for anyone who chooses to use percolater coffee makers, since the taste and aroma of the coffee is dependant on this step. You will have to replace the top plate and also the top of pot. You must have noticed that most of the available percolators have very clear plastic window knobs or glass knobs, so that a close watch can be kept on the coffee while it is boiling or just to let you understand that the coffee is ready to be drunk.




It is time to place your pot on the heat source or any burner and let the water boil for sometime. You will notice that the clear viewing knob will start to bubble as soon as the coffee starts to brew. However, this is also dependent on the pot model you are using and your heat sources. 


Last step:


You are now done with coffee making process and learnt how to use percolater coffee makers. As soon as you notice that the bubbling fluid is turning brown. You can remove this pot from the source of the heat and let the coffee brew until you are sure, it is finished.


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How To Use Percolater Coffee Makers