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How to Clean a Coffee Pot Organically

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To get the best tasting cup of coffee, you must clean a coffee pot in a safe and natural way. This is a surefire method to get the best results possible. Organic cleaning helps you clean a coffee pot very nicely as well as safely andit has no chemical toxic effect of dishwasher.


  •  Rinse coffee pot thoroughly with warm water.


  • Empty warm water.


  • Fill coffee pot with half a handful of salt and a generous amount of lemon juice or squeeze a few slices of juice into the pot. Add a couple of ice cubes and very gently and swirl the mixture. The salt and juice act as a natural abrasive which remove stubborn stains and the ice cube help move around the leftover coffee stains.


  • Thoroughly rinse coffee pot again with warm water.


  • If you used a cut lemon, dump slices in garbage disposal and run it for an added refreshing bonus to your kitchen. Or use in an organic compost if you prefer.


  • Repeat Steps 1-4 once per week.


  • Enjoy your fresh tasting coffee.


  • While you clean a coffee pot, make sure that you do not shake your coffee pot too hard, the ice cubes might break the glass of your coffee pot!


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How To Clean A Coffee Pot Organically