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How To Use Cocoa Powder Other Than In Coffee

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 Uses of Cocoa Powder Do ypu know thatDDo you know that you can use cocoa powder rather than just using it for flavoring your coffee? While all of us know how to use cocoa powder in our kitchen, let me tell you that there are alternate uses of cocoa powder also. You can use cocoa powder for health benefits as well as for commercial purposes also.

Read on to know the how to use cocoa powder other than in coffee.

Use Cocoa Powder For Various Culinary Purposes

You can use cocoa powder to add flavor to ice cream, biscuits, cakes and drinks. Manufacturers use cocoa powder to coat the confectionaries and frozen desserts. One of the most common alternate uses of cocoa powder is to prepare chocolate milk.

Cocoa powder can also be used directly to make a hot chocolate drink or to add the rich chocolaty flavor to the pastry of your choice. One can use it as a substitute for semisweet chocolate in various recipes. Cocoa powder can also be used while making a hot chocolate fudge.

If you do not prefer to bake the cocoa powder, then drink it.  Use cocoa powder with one-eight cup of sugar and 1 cup of water to make a delicious hot chocolate beverage. Have it with or without milk according to your choice.

Use Cocoa Powder For A Better Health

Cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants. So can be included in the diet to do away those harmful free radicals and to boost the immune system.

Dark chocolate is a good source of flavonoids. Using cocoa powder in the form of dark chocolates helps to get rid of the excess weight, maintain the blood pressure level and lower the cholesterol levels. Cocoa powder also helps to improve blood circulation also.

One of the alternate uses of cocoa powder is to keep your heart healthy. Use cooca powder rich in flavonoids to keep your heart healthy by diminishing the levels of bad cholesterol.

You can use cocoa powder to enrich your skin and keep it glowing. Cocoa powder contains Vitamins A and E, which are good for the growth of hair and for a good vision.

Chocolates are good sources of phenylethylamine, serotonin, caffeine and endorphins. So use cocoa powder rich chocolates to enhance your mood.

One of the most recent researches have proved that you can use cocoa powder as one of the cures for cancer. Cocoa powder has anti-ageing effects. So you may use it directly or in the form of cocoa butter to reduce the wrinkles and dark circles.

Alternate Uses Of Cocoa Powder

Manufacturers make use of this powder to produce soaps, cosmetics and tobacco. It has also been identified that one can cocoa powder acts as a remedy for fever, cough, burns, cracked lips, wounds, rheumatism as well as snakebites. Cocoa powder can also be used as a diuretic and antiseptic.

These are few of the ways to use cocoa powder. However, it is recommended to use it only in restricted amounts.

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