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Four Steps To Make Your Coffee Taste Better

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Make your coffee taste better

As an avid coffee drinker, you would definitely try to make it taste better. Making good coffee is really an art, but it does not require you to have master culinary skills. Just take heed of a few tips here and there and you will be able to come up with your own superlative taste vis-a-vis coffee. But only investing in an expensive coffee maker will not help you make your coffee taste any better. There are other things that need more detailed attention for improving the taste.


Take a look at how you can make your coffee perfect as far as its taste is concerned...


1. Grind coffee beans on your own

To make your coffee taste better, you have to grind the coffee beans on your own. Spend some money and buy a coffee grinder. Make sure to grind according to the type of the brewing method you have in mind.


  • Opt for a coarse grind, if you are making a percolating coffee.
  • Medium grind, the commonly used method in United States, is used for drip coffee brewing.
  • Fine grind is used for preparing vacuum style coffee.
  • Extra fine ground coffee beans are used in the brewing of aromatically rich espresso.


You can definitely economize by saving the powdered coffee beans in an air tight container for future use.


2. Use a clean and good quality coffee maker

A good quality coffee maker will help you to make better tasting coffee. Choose one that has enough water holding space so that you can make coffee in sufficient amounts. A pump powdered coffee maker is always preferable to an ordinary one.


3. Use purified, hot water

Remember that boiling water does not make your coffee taste any better. So use hot, filtered water instead.  If you are using tap water,  you have to filter it using a water purifier. Else you can choose a purified source of water for brewing good coffee.


4. Use a natural filter

A natural filter will improve the taste of your coffee too. You may well opt for a gold filter, if money is no object. But be sure to avoid using bleached white paper for filtering as it can interfere with the taste.


Happy coffee making!



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Four Steps To Make Your Coffee Taste Better