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How To Check Caffeine In Coffee

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Do you ask for a decaf every time you go to Starbucks? Are you really and truly bothered enough to check caffeine in coffee?


Checking caffeine in coffee is important

Now don't be shocked when I tell you that most of the decaf you drink has a little caffeine content. In fact studies show that one has to check caffeine in coffee of more than 30% of the decaf purchased from shops. The sad thing is that you don't generally check caffeine in coffee and so wont realize until you have had it that it had caffeine in it.


There are people, who face health risk after consuming caffeine in coffee. This applies to the elderly who have heart ailments or high blood pressure. It is advisable that people like that keep checking caffeine in coffee and its levels. Thankfully, technological advancements do allow people to do that now.


How to check caffeine in coffee

Handy caffeine slips which can be used for testing can easily be bought at the local store. They generally go by the name, D + Caf Test Strips. The methodology followed to check caffeine in coffee is not vastly different from that of the pregnancy kit test. All you have to do is dip the strip in the coffee and after a few minutes remove the strip. This has to be kept as it is for a minute and then the presence of caffeine will be shown in these strips. Checking caffeine in coffee in such a manor will help patients who are on a strict no caffeine diet.


The same strips can even be used on teas and soft drinks and with the presence of this you can surely check caffeine in coffee at any hang-out joint place in a jiffy.


If you have trouble sourcing these strips from local drugs stores, they an easily be purchased online and each strip will cost you close to 50 cents. This is not too high a price to pay for goo health. They can be easily carried around in your bag. These strips can also be used in a reverse situation – if you are a coffee addict and want to check caffeine in coffee that is served!


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How To Check Caffeine In Coffee