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How To Use Coffee Essence At Home

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‘Coffeol’ or coffee essence is a concentrated liquid form of coffee and the best way to use coffee essence is to flavor your drinks, ice creams and baking dishes with coffee essence to enhance their taste.

It comes packed in small bottles and is easily available in the market. But, with a little care you can also make coffee essence at home.

Coffee essence has a shelf life of up to 1 year if stored carefully in a cool dark place and by using coffee essence you can avail all the benefits that one derives from coffee.

A good substitute for coffee powder, you can use coffee essence while cooking to get that rich coffee taste in your dishes.

There are various ways of using coffee essence at home:

  • You can use  coffee essence in place of powdered coffeeto brew yourself a refreshing cup of coffee!
  • Using coffee essence, make cool drinks, like cold coffee, coffee shake or milk shake to beat the heat during those sticky summer days.
  • Use coffee essence in cakes, pastries, pies, muffins to get that rich coffee flavor.
  • You can also use coffee essence to make ice cubes and use in water or milk as desired.
  • Using coffee essence in barbeque sauce can enhance its flavor and keep your guests guessing the reason behind its rich taste.
  • Use coffee essence in stews and beef dishes as replacement for wine.


Apart from using in kitchen, coffee essence can also be used in place of ground coffee for purposes like—

  • Using coffee essence, dye clothes in an emergency situation as a quick fix.
  • In place of ground coffee, use coffee essence to get rid of smelly drains by pouring a concoction made from coffee essence down the drain.
  • A brew made from coffee essence can also be used in small quantity in plants to help them flourish.
  • Use coffee essence to remove scratches from furniture.
  • You can use coffee essence as an after rinse for your hair for that extra shine.
  • Use coffee essence to even dye your hair! Apply and leave coffee essence brew in your hair for about 30 minutes to get that rich brown color.
  • Using coffee essence give a sheet of paper that old look by dipping it in the essence and drying off.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use coffee essence as you like it.

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How To Use Coffee Essence At Home