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How To Use Old Roasted Coffee Beans

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If your roasted coffee beans get old for more than a month, then you can no longer use this to make your morning coffee. However, when you learn how to use old roasted coffee beans, you can surely be able to make use of these other than letting them rot inside the container. The roasted coffee beans usually lose the aroma and flavor when kept unused for long time. You will definitely not enjoy this bland tasing coffee in the morning. However, you have some other alternatives of using old roasted coffee beans, which I am going to discuss here.

How To Use Old Roasted Coffee Beans

1.       If your roasted coffee beans are not too old and they are still clean, without any mold or fungus, then they are safe enough to be used in food products. Grind these coffee beans and store them in an airtight container. You can use this for adding mild coffee flavor to your baked items or chilled homemade desserts. You can also brew a cup of strong coffee with these grounds and then set to freeze inside the freezer. This also can be used to add mild coffee flavor in your drinks and beverages.


2.       There is another simple method for using old roasted coffee beans. Grind the old roasted coffee beans coarsely and place in a container. You can put this container at any place of your home to enjoy mild coffee aroma all around. Otherwise, you can prepare a small sack of pot-pourri with these grounds and other spices like cinnamon, cardamom etc. Hang this pot-pourri sack on the wall of your kitchen or dining room. It will destroy all bad smell and will maintain the mild and sober coffee and spicy smell in the atmosphere.


3.       The old roasted coffee beans are very good fertilizers for plants. Prepare the soil by mixing with some ground coffee. Then use this soil to fertilize your garden. This roasted coffee will gradually release nitrogen in the soil and make it more fertile.


4.       You can also think of using old roasted coffee beans by preparing a liquid fertilizer out of it. Soak the ground coffee powder in a bucket of water overnight. Use the coffee water to pour around your plants. This is also very effective way of using old roasted coffee beans.


5.       Ground old coffee beans can also be used as pest repellant for the garden. Use this to sprinkle around the plants and enjoy healthy harvest.


Other than the above uses of old roasted coffee beans, you can also use your power of imagination to build up any type of handicraft like show piece or wall hanging or jewelry etc.

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How To Use Old Roasted Coffee Beans