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Coffee Can Reduce Post-Workout Pain In Your Body

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If you are worried that too much exercise will cause pain your in your body, then here is a piece of good news for you. According to a research carried out at University of Georgia CoffeeCan Reduce Post-Workout Pain In Your Body.


According to the study moderate doses of caffeine, equivalent of two cups of coffee can cut post-gym muscle pain. The findings have particular relevance for people new to exercise, since they tend to experience the most soreness. According to the lead researcher “If you can use caffeine to reduce the pain, it may make it easier to transition from that first week into a much longer exercise program"


The study was conducted on a small section of female students who were not regular coffee drinkers. They were asked to drink coffee or placebo before the exercise session. The volunteers completed two thigh exercises, one requiring maximum muscle effort, the other sub-maximal effort. Those who consumed caffeine one hour before the maximum force test had a 48% reduction in pain compared with the placebo group.


The females who took caffeine before the near-maximum force test showed a 26% reduction in the muscular pain. The researchers suggest the caffeine likely works by blocking the body’s receptors for adenosine, a chemical released in response to inflammation.


The study was conducted on a small scale and needs to be verified further with a larger group and male members.


You might want to rush right now to pack the coffee jar in your gym bag. However, it is worthy to note that too much caffeine can cause jitteriness, heart palpitations in few people and results might not apply regular coffee drinkers.

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Coffee Can Reduce Post-Workout Pain In Your Body