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How To Stop Drinking Coffee?

“Coffee-holism” might not be far away from the English dictionary, as coffee-addicts are pronouncing their presence, in many quarters of the globe. An over dosage of anything is harmful so it is with coffee. Here are a few tips on how to stop drinking coffee.

Though coffee is raved about for its stimulating effects, overindulgence can prove to be a health hazard. Caffeine comes with its own side effects affecting the entire body system. From the cardiovascular system where caffeine increases the heart-beat rate cascading to heart-related ailments; to the digestive system, where stomach ulcers, loss of appetite  and constipation surface. Excessive intake of coffee can also impact kidney functioning, sleep-patterns and induce anxiety manifesting into depression.

So, how to stop drinking coffee?

•    Reduce the quantity of intake:

You cannot stop drinking coffee abruptly because that will only lead to withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety and headaches. So reduce the frequency of intake gradually. If your daily intake is 6 cups a day start by making it 3 cups and so on but make sure that you stick to the regimen of not more than what you have stipulated for yourself, to stop drinking coffee.

•    Make a switch to other drinks:

There are better healthy alternatives to coffee, which can help you refresh. Such examples include green tea, herbal tea,  or decaffeinated coffee. It has also been observed that apples induce the same level of alertness as coffee. So you could try eating an apple or having green tea instead, which has been observed to boost metabolism just like caffeine. And when it comes to coffee breaks at work, opt for fruit juices or milkshakes. This way you can consciously wean yourself away from the flavor of caffeine and subsequently stop drinking coffee.

•    Be watchful about your carbohydrate intake:

It so happens that coffee sessions are slotted post lunch, when drowsiness sets in. A dash at the vending machine to release the fatigue; is a ‘quick-fix’ solution, as caffeine is known to bring back alertness. So how do you resist the temptation?

Have a lunch that is not laden with carbohydrates (even if its carbs, go for the complex carbohydrates factor, which produces sustainable energy), rather take in a lion’s share of proteins, which will keep you energetic. This way you can make sure that you stop drinking coffee at least during the post-lunch hours.

•    Power nap :

While at work, if you feel uncontrollably sleepy, try to find some space for a power nap. You would feel even more energized than what a cup of coffee would have been able to accomplish. A power nap at around 2:30 PM lasting for not more than 20 minutes can sustain you better than a cup of coffee.

•    Coffee as a social experience:

You address the social dimensional aspect of coffee, over which meetings, dating and general socializing takes place. Coffee here assumes significance as a social drink than as a refresher.  So try to look out for coffee pubs or cafes, which serve herbal teas or other drinks, which have the same social bearing. This way you can stop drinking coffee for the sake of a social get-together.

Coffee is healthy only if consumed in moderation, more than which the ‘nectar’ can turn poison. So with the above tips on how to stop drinking coffee, you can zip yourself up to a routine, which refreshes in many new ways!

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How To Stop Drinking Coffee?