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Learn About The Side Effects Of Decaf Coffee

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Decaf coffee

Coffee addicts generally go for decaf coffee assuming that caffeine free coffee won’t harm them. But drinking decaffeinated coffee is no better than having regular ones as decaf coffee has many side effects on our body and health. Even if the coffee has undergone decaffeination, a small amount of caffeine still remains in it which is more than enough to cause many health disorders.

Apart from caffeine, there are many other constituents in the decaf coffee that adversely affects the body. Chemical compounds like caffeol, diterpenes and chlorogenic acids are present in decaffeinated coffee that is not good for body. Fair amount of phytochemical has also been traced in the coffee after the decaf process. Normal or decaffeinated, both the coffees are harmful because of the large concentration of the chemical trichloroethylene that is linked to liver cancer. Let us precisely learn about the side effects of decaf coffee in the following section:

Source Of Acidity: Coffee is highly acidic in nature. It stimulates the gastric acids to secrete more. This effect is found to a large extent in the case decaf coffee because generally Robusta beans are used to prepare decaf coffee. We all know that acidity leads to various complications like ulcer, acid reflux, heart burn all of which adversely affects the health of a person.

Decaf coffee can be harmful to your heart

Not Good For The Heart: Decaf coffee is a source of many heart problems. Despite of low caffeine content, decaf coffee increases the non-essential fatty acids in the blood. It promotes the production of bad cholesterol – LDL in the blood and stimulates the production of apolipoprotein B that can be fatal. Decaf coffee acts as a slow poison as it raises the incidence of cardiovascular arrest. Moreover, as mentioned earlier that generally Robusta beans are used in making decaf coffee, that’s more harmful to heart because of the higher content of diterpenes in them. Diterpenes are harmful chemical compounds that stimulate the production of fatty acid in the body which are deposited around the heart.

Can Cause Osteoporosis: Regular coffee drinkers are prone to osteoporosis. In a recent research it has been found that regular coffee drinker looses almost 5 milligrams of calcium. Calcium is very important for the bones which when decreased in the body leads to weak bone, fractures and osteoporosis.

Other Side Effects of Decaf Coffee: If you regularly consume decaf coffee, it’s more likely that you may suffer from glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, organ damage and cancer.

So it’s advisable to move from coffee to fresh fruit juice and experience how the healthier lifestyle brings a change in you.


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Learn About The Side Effects Of Decaf Coffee