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How To Make Coffee In Bulk At Home

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Now forget about making pots and pots of coffee for huge crowd of guests, because I know how to make coffee in bulk at home, its hassle free and you can serve hot coffee to upto 50 guests and still enjoy the gathering. Making coffee in bulk was never easy, I was almost running between the kitchen and the party room until one day I discovered a coffee urn that made my life so simple. I wish someone has told me how to make coffee in bulk; I have wasted so much of time and energy and never actually enjoyed any of my party when I had coffee on the menu. Well, that’s the reason I want to share my tips for making coffee in bulk, don’t want anyone else to suffer like I did!!


  1. Empty the inside of the coffee urn. Figure out the indicating lines, they are essential for filling the urn with water for the required quantity of coffee. These lines indicate the volume of water that is required for a particular quantity of coffee. Follow the instructions or the coffee will not come out right.
  2. Coffee urn is provided with a coffee basket. Rinse it so that the coffee powder remains inside the basket otherwise it will sift through it.
  3. Measure the amount of coffee required for the number of coffee cups you need. Usually it is 2 cups of coffee powder for 25 cups of coffee.
  4. Fill the coffee basket with coffee and tamp it down with a cup for a smooth and even surface.
  5. Insert the stem inside the urn and seat it perfectly on the depression provided. Once the stem is well placed, insert the coffee basket.
  6. Cover the coffee urn with the lid and lock it.
  7. Place the coffee urn near a wall outlet and plug it. When the coffee is ready for dispensing an indicator light will get turned on. Use the switch on and off button and start filling out hot coffee.


This is probably the easiest way of making coffee in bulk and efficient too. Thanks to the coffee urn, you too can enjoy a cup of hot coffee and give more time the guests. These days I don’t even bother to count the number of guests dropping in for a get together. This same machine can be used in office to make coffee in bulk.


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How To Make Coffee In Bulk At Home